Simple and responsive flexbox based Sass Framework

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// HTML <div data-grid="column"> <div class="col-1">1</div> <div class="col-1">2</div> <div class="col-1">3</div> </div> // SCSS .my-custom-row { @include grid; @include grid-horizontal-reverse; }

Simple & Lightweight

The principle of Wire is simplicity and lightweighting, avoiding unnecesary styles. Wire only styles a basic HTML elements and includes a flexbox grid and a set of mixins/helpers to make daily work easier and fast.

Powered in Sass

Wire is written in Sass, a powerful CSS preprocessor. It can be used with classes in HTML or using mixins in your Sass with your own classes. Fully customizable.

Easy Flexbox

The grid system is written with flexbox. Adding Data-attributes and mixins for all common configurations. Flexbox is fully supported in all modern browsers, check it!